Thursday, May 6, 2010, 3-4:30 pm

Meeting Agenda

  • Pizza, green salad, and ice water will be served!
  • Getting Folks Connected - via our Elluminate room (5 minutes)
    • If you're remote and using Elluminate, try to get prepared early by making sure your headset works (if you have one) and doing the audio set up wizard in Elluminate: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard
  • Additions to Agenda?
  • ATL Conference Poster Presentation Recap
  • Informal sharing
  • Discuss how best to use our remaining time with Gavin James Web Design Consultant. Her last meeting with us is next time. Review her work:
    Debby > Handrich, Gary Parks, and Amy Kinsel listen to web design consultant > Gavin James
    • eLearning usability recommendations and best practices
      • This is a working draft external image pdf.png
      • What would be helpful to add to these guidelines?
    • Before / after Blackboard course webpages to illustrate best practices
      • Course welcome before / after external image pdf.png
      • Course schedule before / after external image pdf.png
      • Posting to a discussion forum before / after external image pdf.png
      • Syllabus before / after external image pdf.png

        Group suggests:
        • Have Gavin take Judy Penn's Microbiology class from Summer 2010 in Blackboard (Bb) 7.3 as a start for a template and then put in Bb 9 and per the guidelines/usability recommendations make a draft template course.
        • Question for Gavin to discuss: how to have a short course menu/left-hand navigation bar in Bb but then not have students have to drill down a million times to get to the content on the right-hand frame. Which is more important?
        • Color scheme guidelines- put in Microbiology course template.
        • Use of cascading style sheets (or similar concept) in individual documents? How to do this? How to do in Bb?
        • How did Gavin do what she showed us (in her "after" documents)? Can she show us the tools she used to create the demo documents she showed us, etc.?
        • Ask Gavin: What is the best use of her time with the above questions?
  • Question from last time: How to take a screen shot
  • FLC effort for next year? Grant apps due May 20th.
  • Portrait of Practice part 2 due
  • Next meeting: Thursday, May 20, 2010, 3-4:30 pm