December Meeting Agenda

Dec 8, 2009, 10 am, room 4106
  • Videotaping session today - ok? For conference presentation/poster session.
  • Sharing: 5 minutes of informal sharing.
  • Wiki: . Did everyone get an invitation to become a member? The wiki is open to the world to view, but only members can edit. Ann will send out another invitation to those who haven't become members yet.
  • Reflections Exercise from FLC Kick-off Meeting: Establishing a Learning Community Contract
  • Gates Open Course Library Grant - does it connect to this effort? [Ran out of time; discuss next time]
  • Next meeting date/time: TBD. We will try and have this Elluminate room available for those who can't join us F2F. Please prepare your headsets ahead of time; you can go into this Elluminate room whenever you want to practice, etc. Draft agenda.
  • Elluminate practice sessions. Opposite weeks to regular FLC meeting time?

Notes/Minutes (see notes below or attachment):

1. Before developing a learning community contract, take a moment to answer the following questions about yourself as an individual participant:
· Why is becoming part of this learning community important to me?

Emma: time to teach and share
Jerry: curriculum development, presentation, electronic format, to increase options for students
Donna: to be with people who have the same problems/pedagogy/working with people who have similar interests
· What am I really interested in discovering/learning?
Emma: more about Elluminate, tutorials in Camtasia, to learn and to share
Judy: Elluminate and Camtasia, different sensory pieces into the classroom
Donna: experimenting with narrate in Powerpoint,
Gloria: working on Skype, Coding Café in Winter
Emma: wanting more strategies for phone/skype
Jerry: looking for better team strategies for exercise on negotiations
Judy suggesting that each of us add to the Wiki
Betsey: Take minutes on the Wiki

· How will I benefit personally and professionally?

· What has been my experience of small groups in the past? What have I learned from my experience that could help me in this group? What are my beliefs about what makes an effective group?
· What personal values do I consider important that might affect my learning community?
· What are my strengths? What are my expectations of myself and my learning community?
· How might my cultural background affect my participation as a learning community member?
· What about my relational competence as a group communicator? Do I see myself as a good listener? Am I someone who can provide support and encouragement? What aspects of group communication do I need help with: voice, listening, leadership, inclusion, trust?

Judy: we all like what we are doing, and we all have great ideas, easy for us to get off track. Big challenge for us will be to stay on track

Ann: Ask someone to be Time Keeper, to help us stay on track

Barb: previous learning community, take commitment seriously a given; a topic, a rotating facilitator, responsible for presenting or finding someone to present, really tried to stick to topic

Everyone: suggest we extend meetings to 90 minutes, 10 minutes sharing at beginning.

Ann: reminder about goals of the grant, to learn better skills of QM, be able to demonstrate measurable applications in our courses

Betsey: Goal to develop a shell for QM classroom.

Poll now closed. (Thanks for responding to the Doodle poll by 3 pm Wed, Dec. 2 to help find a meeting date for the Dec. 8 meeting.)